What is Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is the process of imaging joints with cameras with minimal incisions. Thanks to arthroscopy, the inside of the joint can be easily viewed and surgical operation can be performed. The most common method of arthroscopy is knee arthroscopy. However, arthroscopy method is used in the treatment of all joints. Arthroscopy can also be used in operations that require surgical procedures.

Arthroscopic Surgery

This method, which is used in the treatment of all joint diseases, provides the opportunity to visualize the inside of the joint with very small holes drilled from outside without opening the joint. It reflects the acquired image on the screen. Together with a few mm holes for visualization of the joint, with the help of small incisions that can also be expressed in mm, the insertion allows surgical instruments to enter. Arthroscopic surgery allows you to perform surgical treatment without opening and not cutting tissue, muscles, etc., without opening the area for surgery.

The reasons why arthroscopic surgery is preferable to other surgical methods:

  • The operation is completed with the help of small incisions so that there is no need to damage the intact tissues to reach the joint.
  • Small incisions lead to a decrease in postoperative pain at the same rate.
  • The possibility of infection and limitation in the area where the treatment is applied is less likely.
  • Due to all these reasons, the time required to return to daily life is shortened, there is no need to wait too long for the rehabilitation process and if there is an active sports life, sports activities can be continued in a short time.