What is bone resorption?

Bone disease, also known as osteoporosis, weakens bone and increases the risk of bones breaking. In fractures caused by bone resorption, it can be broken even with an injury that is normally too small to cause a bone to break.

What are the symptoms of bone resorption?

Spine, hip, and wrist fractures may occur due to bone resorption. In addition, back pain, shortening of the length and deformities of the spine may occur due to fractures in the spine.

How to prevent bone resorption?

Bone resorption is a disease that can be prevented and curable by taking the necessary precautions rather than active treatment.

The main measures that can be applied are;

  • It is important to consume plenty of calcium nutrients, with advancing age, the body’s need for calcium increases more and more.
  • Using vitamin D is good for your bones as well as for your skin.
  • Adequate levels of protein for the bones to get the protein it needs are preventive against osteoporosis.
  • Consuming caffeine-containing products may interfere with the calcium absorption of the bones.
  • The use of salt above standard may cause calcium loss.